When choosing a shirt, it’s important to know just as much about yourself as it is to know about the outfit you’re trying to coordinate. There are some questions you must ask yourself before purchasing any part of fine men’s apparel.

• Do I know my measurements?
• Do I want a standard in-stock shirt or do I want to upgrade to a custom shirt?
• Do I need a full cut shirt or a shirt with a higher taper?
• Am I going to professionally launder my shirts or wash them at home?
• Do I know what colors compliment my color palette?

If you’re looking for a standard in-stock shirt and you don’t know your measurements, go to Heimie’s Haberdashery where we can give you the correct measurements for best fit.  Standard measurements include a neck measurement from the base of the Adam’s apple and rounded to the nearest half inch and a sleeve measurement from the middle of the back directly underneath the collar over the shoulder and down to the break of the hand.

A good haberdasher will always allow room for natural shrinkage of the shirt through washing of any type as well as a small amount of comfort room.


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