We here at Heimie’s Haberdashery feel that a hat is a necessary garment as well as the finishing touch to any outfit. If you walk into Heimie‚Äôs in search of a suit, be prepared to walk out doubly stylish with a suit and a hat.

The characteristics of a hat should match those of the wearer. If you are new to buying hats, put your trust in your local haberdasher as they can easily identify a hat to compliment your facial structure and physique. Hats come in as many shapes and sizes as people on this globe, from the round helmet-like bowler to the wide brimmed c-crown fedora and the materials hats are fashioned from vary just as much as their shape, from cloth caps to the exquisitely blocked fur felt hats.

Hat designers to top off your look include:

  • Bailey
  • Dorfman Pacific
  • Wigens
  • Stetson
  • Dobbs
  • Guerra Italy

clothing tips

Quick tip 1: Match your hat to your overcoat or suit. In some cases a contrasting tone may work, such as a navy blue suit with a gray hat.

Quick tip 2: Feathers in hats are removable. A hat with or without a feather is an opportunity to express your personal style.  Feathers or not, it’s up to you.