A man walks over 120,000 miles in his lifetime. In recognition of your journey, Heimie’s Haberdashery has selected the finest footwear for you. At Heimie’s you will find special brands that will support you from the soles of your feet to the top of your game. We carry standard cap toes, wings, and oxfords to provide the all important foundation to fit and style. American Standard, English, and Italian last shapes also available.

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Brogue: The brogue comes from the Gaelic brog which means to push through with an an awl.
Oxford: The oxford shoe derives from the Oxonian half boot which gained popularity at Oxford University.
Box Toe: This term refers to the type of support used inside the shoe to hold the toe shape.

clothing tips

Quicktip 1: It’s always good to have multiple pair of shoes in your wardrobe such as a black oxford (captoe) and a brown or cordovan oxford or derby.

Quicktip 2: Footwear with a great amount of broguing (perforations) are considered a lot less formal, and more appropriate for more casual looks.