It’s the little touches and the small details that bring it all together. Accessories refine and individualize your total look. From cuff links to ties, a gentleman utilizes these items to complement his ultimate look.

Accessories are the personal items that we wear and or carry in our pockets. Heimie’s Haberdashery has items like pocket knives, wallets, handkerchiefs and tasty items like a fine cigar available for your discernment.

Create your own individual look at Heimie’s and check out our vast array of bags and accessories:

  • cuff links
  • cigar cases
  • money clips
  • wallets
  • fountain pens
  • penknives & pocketknives
  • flasks
  • ties, pocket squares, suspenders
  • readers & eyewear

clothing tips

Quick tip 1: Select your cuff links relative to the occasion. A variety of shapes and sizes are available at Heimie’s Haberdashery from black onyx cuff links for formal evenings to airplane cuff links for fun and casual wear.

Quick tip 2: Handkerchiefs and pocket squares are appropriate to wear with both a sport coat and dress suit.