A Heimie’s man loves a good suit. It’s just a plain and simple fact that a good suit makes you feel better about yourself as well as making you look better. There are rules, though, to selecting the right suit for you. When it comes to suits Heimie’s Haberdashery has an impressive range of fabric, cut, and style. If you happen to be new to wearing suits, buying a suit may feel overwhelming. When you’re preparing to purchase a new suit, ask the following questions:

  • Do I know my size?
  • Do I want a ready to wear or custom suit?
  • Do I want a classic cut or a European cut suit?
  • Do I need a suit that is more conservative or one that is more fashion forward?
  • Do I know what colors compliment my color palette?

clothing tips

Quick tip 1: A cuff on your trousers is nearly always a safe route, and adds a nice horizontal line to the garment.

Quick tip 2: Wear a spread collar shirt with a double breasted suit, as it keeps up with the natural symmetry and lines created by the garment.