As the husbands, sons, boyfriends, fiancées and friends, we have known that the women in our lives are given license to pamper themselves. With a retinue of hairdressers, manicurists, make-up artists and dressmakers, those of our beloved fairer sex have set the precedent for us.

Pampering yourself is indeed a luxury one should schedule often and with great gusto. Here is our service menu:

Hot Lather Shave $35. The single blade straight razor shave you’ve been looking for.

Ultimate Cut $35. This service includes a shampoo, haircut, neck shave, and steamed towel application.

Classic Haircut $30. Receive the cleanest haircut while you relax in our men’s sanctuary.

Gentleman’s Facial $40. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize your face. This service includes a skin and pore cleansing wash, moisturizing lotion, and aromatherapy.

Beard Trim $15. Get your face in order. Shape and style your beard to complement your facial contours.

Neck Shave & Outline $10. Keep it clean.

Please note: The straight razor shave is not a double edge system. As with all shaves, nicks and abrasions can occur. The quality of the shave is dependent upon skin type and the coarseness of the whiskers.