Heimie’s Haberdashery proudly takes its name from its legacy.  Anthony Andler, owner and visionary for Heimie’s Haberdashery, comes from a long line of of highly respected tailors originally emigrating to the U.S. from Russia in 1917 as a result of the Russian Revolution. Anthony Andler’s great grandfather, Heimie, settled in St. Paul with his family.  Heimie set up a tailoring shop in downtown St. Paul on Old 7th Street shortly after arriving. After World War II, Heimie, along with his war veteran son Ralph, opened their first retail shop, Heimie’s Menswear, selling ready-to-wear garments and offering tailoring services. Ralph ran Heimie’s Menswear until retirement in 1993. Shortly thereafter, he passed away.

Ralph’s grandson, Anthony, who apprenticed under Ralph, became a designer and artisan of fine leather hand bags and hunting gear.  In 2001, Anthony opened the Artist Mercantile, an art gallery on the cusp of the local, hand crafted artwork wave. After selling the Artist Mercantile to another artist, Anthony was moved to honor his heritage and his grandfather’s memory by reopening Heimie’s under a new name, Heimie’s Haberdashery.

The Haberdashery has been dressing the gentleman since 2004.